Doctor House Call Policy 

At The Heights Medical Centre we pride ourselves as one of the few surgery’s in the county offering a house call service to our patients. Due to increasing demands on primary care services, ageing population and ongoing national shortage of GP’s we have now had to outline a home visit policy.

Doctor House Calls are only available for patients who are within a reasonable distance from the surgery and fall under the following groups:

  • Terminally ill Patients
  • Nursing Home Patients
  • Bed Bound Patients

Under no circumstances are the doctors of The Heights Medical Centre able to provide a house call service for those patients who are not terminally ill, nor bed bound, nor lack transport of their own to attend the surgery. Babies and small children should always be brought to the surgery where will do our best to see them promptly. Doctors are vastly more productive in a surgery setting, seeing more patients, reviewing cases and attending to any follow ups. There is also a higher standard of care available in the surgery, with access to all your medical records and medical equipment.

If a house call is required and you fall under the groups mentioned above:

  • Call the surgery before 10am if possible
  • Give as much detail as possible to our team to determine the most appropriate type of consultation
  • You will be then informed if we are able to provide house call and approx. time
  • If you feel you or your relative is too unwell to attend the surgery and requires emergency care, please phone 112 or 999.

Our responsibility to you is to help you resolve your medical problem; your responsibility is to take all the reasonable steps you can, to enable us to do that.