• Our Patients’ Testimonials

“Professional, has cheerful, pleasant disposition. Very efficient, very good diagnostician.”

“Conscientious, caring, concerned and ready to do what’s the best for the patient. A good listener with a very pleasant personality.”

“Overall I am very happy with Dr. Virág, she is very attentive and caring. Much appreciated.”

“Dr. Virág Fehér is a lovely doctor that pay[s] attention to details of the patient. I will recommend her to anyone in the local area.”

“I am very happy that I have such a qualified doctor in my area. And I will refer her to all my friends.”

“I have recommended Dr. Virág Fehér to all of my friends. And I hope they will select her as their GP. And I wish her all the best.”

“I feel thankful for the care of Dr. Virág Fehér.”

“She is the best GP I have ever meet [met]. She is so caring and she listens. Very good to children as well. Keep up the good heart.”

“Very good and show concerns always”

“I want Dr. Virág Fehér to be here always because she is doing a very good job. I also wish her a long life.”

“She was just so caring and kind. I like her a lot. Thanks for being my G.P.”

“Dr. Virág Fehér is very easy to talk to. I would like her to be my Doctor for all the rest of my life. A good replacement for Doctor DeSousa.”

“Keep up the good work and many thanks for you[r] help. Good luck. God bless you.”

“If she is not left here I will follow to where she is working.”

”She listened to me and gave me great care. I don’t want another doctor just Virág. She has to stay.”

“[She is a] very good doctor, interested in your care, very personable.”

“I find [her] very good and available at all times.”

“I think she is the best GP I ever had.”

“Surgery has much better than before.”

“She is absolutely fantastic. She is caring and very good.”

“Very caring person.”

“Really nice doctor.”

“Keep up the great work.”

“Overall she is good enough.”

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